Security Doors

*Security Doors can be configured for french doors and come in six different colors to choose from

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Security Doors Add An Extra Layer of Confidence & Safety

Add an extra layer of security and confidence to the safety of your home with a security door by Golden State Screens.

We source only the best quality materials and products for our security doors, knowing that this makes all the difference to the performance of a security door in protecting your home. All parts are made of durable metal, from the frame to the handles and locks, with no flimsy plastic fittings.

Our High-Grade Aluminum Security Doors Are Durable, Resilient and Fade-Free

Choose from a number of grill designs, all made from heavy-duty, high-grade aluminum, and available in six versatile colors; this gives you a security door that not only adds a layer of protection to your home but also complements the existing aesthetic without being an unsightly eyesore. The frames of our security doors are produced by pouring molten metal into a mold, a method proven to provide significantly greater durability and resilience when compared to other techniques, and the coloring is applied by enamel coatings baked onto the metal to ensure no wearing away with exposure to the environment. A sturdy screen mesh by US supplier Phifer completes the grill and frame, allowing the added benefit of a filter against insects and debris while still permitting light and fresh air through your home.

Our team of experienced security door installation and repair professionals can fit a security door to any doorway, even double French doors. Call Golden State Screens now to schedule your appointment and free quote. (866) 399-3800