Pet Guards & Pet Doors

Protect Your Screen Doors with Pet Guards

Live worry-free from your pet’s claws scraping against your screen doors with a pet guard and pet door by Golden State Screens.

Pet guards provide protection for your screen doors against general wear and tear by your furry friends. Claws, teeth, and rough activity against the mesh can eventually cause rips and frays, compromising the integrity of your screen door. Available in various designs and colors, pet guards are a pre-made metal grill that can be installed to your existing screen door, shielding the lower half.

High-Quality, Aluminum Pet Doors Are Available In All Sizes

Give freedom to your pet’s comings and goings with a pet door installed by Golden State Screens. We know that one size does not fit all when it comes to four-legged friends, which is why our swinging pet doors are available in sizes all the way from small to extra large. Made of hard-wearing aluminum and colored with durable enamel coatings, our pet doors can be retrofitted into sliding door frames, known as a pet panel. Clear tempered glass throughout the top section ensures your view of the outdoors remains unhindered while the doorway remains secure with full-length weather stripping.

Pet doors can also be installed into the door itself on both sliding and swinging screen doors, giving your pets independence to enter and leave as they please with no extra hassle to you.

Golden State Screen is a mobile, professional pet door and pet guard installation and repair service. Working in Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara, book a time for one of our expert pet guard and pet door installers to discuss the best doorway options for you and your furry friend. (866) 399-3800