Screen Doors

Sliding Screen Doors

All of our sliding screen doors come with metal handles, metal locks and steel ball bearing wheels that are fully adjustable.

Swinging Screen Doors

All of our swinging screen doors come with all metal parts and can be installed on french doors

Sliding & Swinging Screen Doors

Our screen doors allow the fresh air and sunlight through while filtering out insects and unwanted debris, such as leaves and litter blown by the wind.

Choose from a Range of Screen Door Designs and Colors

With sliding, and swinging screen door options, here at Golden State Screens you will be able to find the perfect screen door complement to your existing doorways, including double French doors. Various designs and colors are available for viewing further down the page. With our wide range of door designs and color options, it’s easy to match a screen door to the current aesthetic of your home. Our sliding doors can be custom fit to your doorways and pet doors can also be installed into certain models.

Screen Doors Made of High-Quality Aluminum Making Them Durable, Rust-Free and Fade-Free

Golden State Screens sources only high-quality molded aluminum for the frame of your screen door, making it durable and rust-free. To extend the life of our products, all components of the screen door are made of quality metal, with no cheap, fragile plastic parts. The coloring is applied with an enamel coating baked onto the frame, ensuring no fading of color with time or exposure to the elements.

Choose from Standard Window Screens, PetScreen®, Solar Blocking, and Ultra Vue®

The screen mesh is manufactured by Phifer, a reputable supplier of sun control and outdoor fabrics who offer a range of screen options made right here in the USA. Choose from Standard Screen, PetScreen® for extra resistance against natural wear and tear from your pets, multiple solar blocking screen options for additional sun and UV protection, or Ultra Vue® for preserving an unhindered view of the outdoors while letting the air in and keeping the bugs out. With a screen door you can let the fresh breeze through your home.

Golden State Screens is a renowned screen door installation and repair service in Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara. Call us to schedule an appointment and to have one of our professionally qualified screen door installers assess the best options for your home or business. Please call: (866) 399-3800.