Window Screens

Residential & Commercial

Golden State Screens is a professionally qualified window screen installation and repair service. We are mobile and can come to your home or business in Los Angeles, Ventura, or Santa Barbara in no time. All of our window screen frames are made of high quality aluminum and connected using metal internal corners that will last a life time. Golden State Screen offers a variety of screen material to best suit your needs.

Here are some screen choices we offer:


Looking for an insect screen that will keep bugs out but withstand the wear and tear from your dog or cat? PetScreen® is the perfect choice for you! The pet-resistant window screen is perfect for your home or for your pool or patio.


SolarScreen® is woven vinyl-coated fiberglass screening manufactured for the primary use of reducing solar heat gain in the summer and reducing heat loss in winter. This material absorbs and dissipates up to 70 percent of the sun’s heat and glare before it reaches the window. SunScreen® is easily installed on any type and size of window and also performs as an insect screening.


If you’re looking for an insect screening that will block the pests but not the view, then Phifer UltraVue® excellent visibility (eVis) screening is for you. The Water Shed Technology™ coating preserves your viewing clarity by shedding rain water and resisting dirt and grime, making them much less likely to accumulate on the screen. It is suitable for all window and patio screen door applications.

We offer six colors of window screen frame:

Window Screens Custom-fit to Your Home

Open your windows wide with the knowledge that our window screens protect your home by allowing you to control the insects, UV, and the heat that comes through from the outside.

Custom-fit to your house and in a range of six frame colors, window screens from Golden State Screens suit any need and any home. Only high-quality aluminum frames and metal fittings are used to manufacture the window screens, providing greater durability and longevity against the environmental elements. Screens can be installed into any window type, including crank windows or as a wicket screen.

Choose from various mesh options by Phifer, a reputable supplier of mesh fabrics produced in the US. Screen mesh options include fabrics which are dirt and dust resistant while also shedding away water to allow you an uninhibited view of the outdoors – you want to “see the view, not the screen.”

While all screens provide some degree of protection against pests and insects, Phifer’s TuffScreen® No-See-Ums and Aluminum Screen for Tiny Insects provide an additional barrier against even the smallest flies and gnats from flying through your window. Other screen options provide additional control over your privacy or protection from solar glare and radiation, reducing the UV damage to your indoor furniture.

Our registered Golden State Screen installers will be able to advise you on the best window screen options for your home.